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A transexual (TS) means a person who views themself as being of opposite sex to their physical body. Being that there are two genders, the two possible kinds of transexuals are male to female (MtF) – a male body and a female mind – and female to male (FtM) – a female body and a male mind. Some transexuals choose to make physical changes to their body so that their body and mind may have a more harmonious relationship, these people undergo sex change surgery and take hormones and are called post-op TS. Those who have not undergone gender change operations are called pre-op TS.

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Shemales, chicks with dicks or ladybodys are they are called are transexuals who undergo some changes to their bodies to look more feminine but they decide to keep their male genitalia however.

Transvestite, tranny or TV is a person who expresses their less dominant gender through appearance. When a person has a very delicate balance between the two genders, feeling they are almost as much female as male for instance, they need to express that through wearing female clothing, talking about womens magazines or other habbits. Contrary to popular belief, most trannies are heterosexual.

A cross dresser, or CD, is a transvestite who dresses as the opposite gender, mostly for sexual pleasure. This could be either a fetish, or an effect of sexual orientation doubts, such as for instance a gay man feeling the need to dress as a woman when having intercourse, to better play out his role in it, because he cannot admit to himself that he is gay. Thus crossdressing can be a tool to express one’s sexuality, while TV is an expression of personality.

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